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Balance: Knowing Your Authentic Self


How do you stay focused among all the white noise? All the things we tell ourselves we must do. Things like work responsibilities, the family things you take care of, the meals you make, the endless amounts of laundry, the after-school activities, and all those other expectations we place onto ourselves.


Cassie Schuh, Zaptastic

Cassie Schuh CFLC, CRP, is a Certified Life and Executive Coach, CORE MAP Facilitator, and speaker with 20 years of experience in the social work, coaching and training industry. She founded Zaptastic® Professional Coaching in 2008, and works primarily with individuals and groups to eliminate the personal barriers that keep them stuck in business and/or life. Through her coaching programs, she helps people cut through the internal limiting beliefs and conditioned patterns that stifle growth, and works with her clients to create a blueprint for personal success that is aligned with their authentic nature, passion, and life vision; knowing who you are, what you want, and creating a detailed plan on how to get there. Cassie offers private and group coaching, facilitates workshops and retreats on topics related to building confidence, personal effectiveness, leadership, life balance and maximizing potential.