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It's Not Just Who We Are, It's What We Do.

One of the key differentiators of Festival Foods is the experience you get when you shop there. Often, we (Festival Foods associates) are asked what the customer service training looks like for associates at Festival Foods. People are shocked when we share that we don’t have any formalized customer service training. The next question they typically ask is “then how do you do it” and what they are referring to is our customer service. This 90 minute presentation will take you through the strategies that Festival Foods has used for years to develop a strong customer service culture.


Theresa Zawlocki, Festival Foods

Theresa Zawlocki has over 10 years of experience in the training industry and has been with Festival Foods for 3 of those years. Theresa has a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Training and is passionate about continuous learning both inside and outside of work. Her favorite thing about working at Festival Foods has been the opportunity to work with world class leaders who have made a positive impact in the industry, the community and her life personally.