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Generations of Generosity


Learn how generosity shows up across different generations and what it means for your community.


Matt Randerson, Thrivent Financial

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Matt Randerson works at Minneapolis-Based Thrivent Financial as a Church Engagement Consultant. The heart of his work and leadership focuses on adding value to others that will build strong, authentic relationships in order to reach new levels of success for individuals and organizations.

Over the past several years, Matt has been working extensively with the Barna Group to conduct multigenerational research on the topic of generosity. As a result of this work, Matt can often be found speaking to groups of church leaders across the country about the implications of this research. In addition to being a great communicator, Matt and his team are known for applying the practice of human-centered design to create new products and offerings that aid in the journey of generosity for the Christian community.

In 2014, Matt received a Pastoral Ministry Degree from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. During his free time, he enjoys time on the golf course and the lake.