New Year, New News

Our first HFH Wisconsin newsletter went out on January 30, just in time for record low temperatures. Not on our mailing list? Join our list here or check out our newsletter here.

Message from Sara

As I write this, yet another snowstorm is blanketing the road outside my window, and sub-zero temps are expected again tomorrow. Sometimes winter in Wisconsin can seem like a marathon, with no finish line in sight. But, despite how it may feel right now, eventually spring will arrive, the ground will thaw, foundations will go in, and construction will begin again.

It’s hard to imagine, but some things need a period of cold weather to thrive. For example, in order to grow milkweed to help provide food for caterpillars that are working to become butterflies, the seeds must be sown prior to or during the winter months so that they have a period of dormancy in the cold before they can germinate and sprout in spring.

For many of our affiliates, this is the slow time for construction, which can be a bit of a relief after a long, hectic construction season. But there’s still a lot of work to be done recruiting families, fundraising, completing reports, training volunteers, ordering materials, and doing lots and lots of paperwork. Like the milkweed seeds, the outside world may not see a lot of activity at Habitat during the winter months, but rest assured there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. As you prepare for another busy year, remember that the staff at Habitat is here to provide help and support when you need it.

It may not seem like it now, but the snow will eventually melt and the frost will leave the ground, and it will be time once again to dust off the hammers and get back to building. In the meantime, stay warm, and think spring!